Consulting Services
Beyond investing in early-stage technology companies, Goldin Ventures also offers boutique consulting services to early-stage fund managers and their portfolio companies.
This consulting practice is designed to capitalize on our three decades of success as both investors and operators. Helping young companies by providing active veteran support to these companies, while also helping to minimize the risk for early-stage fund managers.
Services Offered
After decades of working with and for young companies, as well as operating from both sides of the table (as both investors and operators), we understand the challenges facing both entrepreneurs and fund managers. Our experiences have helped to shape our perspective on best practices for building successful companies and understanding how to help fund managers complement their governance to their portfolio companies.
While each entrepreneur and company face unique challenges, we have observed recurring issues for first-time founders. One area, in particular, is the window immediately following a bridge capital raise, yet ahead of a Series A. Seed stage hardware and B to B Enterprise SAAS companies who find themselves here, are beginning, perhaps, the most important phase of their business development. They are now transitioning from completing and launching their product and realizing early product/market fit, to scaling their business. This is not a linear transition.
How can a first-time CEO follow best practices at this stage, recognizing they are full-out in just running the business day-to-day. This is where Goldin Ventures engages with the CEO and board to set the business on a course to realize that Series A raise. We have successfully crossed that chasm, realized the pitfalls, and developed tools that ensure the business will have the greatest chance at achieving this critical objective.
These best practices have been packaged into a 90-day program. When completed, the business will have developed these 5 elements:
An operating thesis that shapes all the spending and operational decision making
A crisp product plan and go to market strategy
A detailed plan that outlines how this strategy will be executed
A corresponding financial model
A narrative that articulates what will need to be accomplished in order to realize a Series A
Apart from simply being a near term document used to improve the probabilities of realizing a Series A raise, it will provide a framework that can be employed to guide the scaling of the business. An invaluable long-term resource that can be updated annually into a sustaining operating plan.

More on Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle has worked as an operator for four companies, where he put these practices into place and realized tremendous results. Some examples of this are below. Then, over the past 17 years, has been Managing Director at this family office, where he has helped entrepreneurs adopt these same practices as an advisor or board member.
Mike began his role as Managing Director of Goldin Ventures in 2007, after having spent nearly 10 years running a division of a public company for the Markowitz family, who funds Goldin Ventures. That public company was Allen Organ Company and Mike was President of Eastern Research, a subsidiary. There he helped oversee the growth of this business from $3m to $65m. It was then sold to Sycamore Networks, as per the following press announcement link: Sycamore Networks Acquires Eastern Research
Prior to joining Eastern Research, Mike was VP Sales and Marketing for Teleos Communications for 4 years. Here he led growth from $5m to $25m, when this company was sold to Madge Networks. That press announcement follows: MADGE TO ADD WIDE AREA ASYNCHRONOUS MODE WITH TELEOS BUY
Mike also held executive sales positions at Infotron Systems and Datatel, both early-stage technology companies.